The title of your article is misleading, click-baity, and does a disservice to professional designers. No one is going to land a career as a professional designer with “zero qualifications.” To insinuate that it’s possible for anyone to walk in off the street and start adding value as a designer without understanding the skills, process, tools, or principles of design only serves to undermine the credibility of the profession.

Moving beyond the title… The actual article is full of useful ideas about how to earn qualifications to become a viable designer through training, networking, volunteering, and freelance work in order to build experience and a portfolio. A designer’s experience (volunteer, freelance, or otherwise) and portfolio are in fact evidence of qualifications which can lead to a role as a professional designer.



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Scott Kiekbusch

Digital product design & strategy expert. Team builder. Stoic. Keynote speaker. Co-Author of The Designer’s Guide to Product Vision