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1 min readMar 12, 2019


Hi Evan — hope you’re doing well. Problem statements are very specific to the circumstances of a team, their industry, and their target audience, but here are some examples that may be helpful. Syntax A is a higher level problem statement that describes a user and a broad problem they’re facing. Syntax B is more concise, tells us less about the user, and is a more specific use case:

I am an investment firm customer who logs in to check my account balances & investments; I occasionally transfer money, research new investment opportunities, and trade stocks, funds, and ETFs

Trying to make smart decisions about my finances

But I wish I had a way to validate & prioritize my investing ideas, strategy, and goals

Because I’m not an expert, and often feel as though I’m acting on instinct & emotion—second-guessing my decisions

Which makes me feel anxious and concerned about whether I’m doing the right thing for my financial future.

When I’m about to spend a large sum of money

I want to quickly see how it will affect my finances

So I can decide whether I can afford to spend the money

But there’s no easy & accurate way for me to get the information I need



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